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    Yes, you can simply copy the stand-alone Advansys Message Viewer application, MessageViewer.exe to the root folder of the CD. Start the viewer by double-clicking the executable via Windows File Explorer or perhaps you could include an autorun.inf file which instantiates the MessageViewer.exe automatically when the CD is inserted.

    The contents of the autorun.inf file would look like the following:


    The only minor disadvantage to the simple copy approach is that the exported Advansys Message Format file’s .fml file extension won’t be associated automatically with the Advansys Message Viewer. However, this file association can be configured manually and is only necessary if you wish to open the single message view by double-clicking on the message FML file from Windows File Explorer.

    Within the next couple of months we intend to make available an installation program specifically for the Advansys Message Viewer. While it won’t be necessary to use the installer for the Message Viewer to operate (as described above), it will make automatic file association more convenient and you could also choose to include the installer on the CD.


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