Thanks for looking at this.

    The problem potentially does seem related to file name length. I get an error message from Roxio about the file name length, but then the program offers to truncate the problematic names. I say yes to this, thinking that I will still get all my files. But then when I review the results, I find that many files are missing. The only guess I have is that once truncation is done, perhaps some file names that were not the same become the same, and either overwriting occurs or some files aren’t transferred. But I haven’t taken the time to analyze in detail what files are missing.

    I had hoped there might be a more easy workaround. Do you know of a CD writing program that does not limit filename lengths? They don’t seem to be a problem in XP or with the standard Message Viewer.

    If I can work around this problem rather than solve it, I’ll be happy.