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Thank you for the rewritten code, but I’m afraid I get another error at line 274 (the second line below):

set IntroDlg = Utilities.NewControlBoxDialog
with IntroDlg
.Caption = CAPTION
.Title = “Add or edit a message note”
.Button1Caption = “&Ok”
.Button2Caption = “&Cancel”
.Button3Visible = TRUE
.Button3Caption = “&Time Stamp”
.Button4Visible = TRUE
.Button4Caption = “&Delete Note”
.Description = HRT&”This applet allows you to add or edit note attached to this “&_
MsgType & “.” & MsgSubj & HRT & HRT &_
“Click ‘Time Stamp’ to add date and time inside the edit box. ” &_
“Click ‘Delete Note’ to delete the note attached with this message.”
end with

Does this applet require any editing on my part or will it run as is?

Thanks again –