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The Formativ portals folder is created on startup if:

a) Formativ is installed.
b) The folder does not exist in the currently active Groupwise account, and
c) The ‘Create a portal folder…’ option is checked in the Formativ Windows Control panel applet.

In other words, for a user to see a Formativ portals folder appear if they have not installed Formativ, that users account has been accessed on a machine with Formativ installed with the appropriate ‘create a portal folder option’ checked.

(I assume the folder as it appears in the users account is displayed using the standard Groupwise folder icon, as opposed to the custom portals folder icon? If the special icon appears in the other users account then Formativ is installed on the PC.)

There is no global ‘create/remove’ portals option, as the feature is client based. As mentioned above, the only way I imagine a Formativ portal folder could appear in a non-Formativ users account would be for that account to be accessed by someone who does have Formativ installed. Could this have happened in your case?

Manually deleting the folder will remove it from the account. You may wish to then try accessing the same users account from a Formativ machine to see if the folder re-appears.

Please let me know if you are able to reproduce this behavior. We have received no other reports of this nature, and certainly want to address any possible problems.


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