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    GroupWise.ItemSaveMessageDlg()or GroupWise.ItemSaveMessageDraft(“”) are ways to save the draft message (again).

    However I need the ‘Select folder’ dialog activated again, so I can say where where I want o save the new draft message to be stored.

    Background: In order to have access to the ExpandedRecipient property I need to save the message as a
    draft message in the ‘work in progress folder’. I do this per ItemSaveMessageDraft(Work In Progress Folder).

    So far no problem.

    I now access the ExpandedProperties with an OnSend-applet. If the user decides NOT to send the message he gets redirected to the open message.

    Now it’s time to remove the left over draft message since the user should not notice the trick with the draft message.

    That’s where the trouble starts: Since the message was once stored (and later removed from the ‘work in progress folder’), a subsequent click on the save button just saves the message in the mailbox folder (root folder?). How can I make the ‘Select folder’ popup again on the ‘save draft msg’ button so the user can specify where to save the draft message?