Support 1

To access the subjects of messages via the GroupWise Object API, use something like the following code sample:

Sub Main(Client, GWEvent)

  dim iFilter
  dim oMessage
  dim oMessages


  set oMessages = Groupwise.Account.Calendar.Messages.Find(iFilter)

  msgbox oMessages.Count

  ' The two following FOR statements are equivalent.
  for i = 1 to oMessages.Count
    msgbox oMessages.Item(i).Subject

  'for each oMessage in oMessages
  '  msgbox oMessage.Subject

  set oMessage = nothing 
  set oMessages = nothing 

End Sub

On choosing an appropriate user interface, note the significant difference between the HTML dialog and HTML portal. The dialog is modal while the portal is modeless. Be sure to read through the Formativ Programmer’s Guide, on the Portal Manager and/or HTML Dialogs. I suggest you study some example applets that use the Formativ Portal, and that generate HTML to be loaded into a Portal. A good one to start with is the Formativ Applet: Print Message. I hope this helps.

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