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Hello, Thank you for your answer, here are more details.

First, i have written this post before is saw the post about formativ in a Citrix environment. So, if the document mentoined in the other thread will solve the problem please let me know and forget the following text.

  • I have installed the formativ runtime with the default path settings. This is no problem, formativ runs and ‘normal’ applets (i.e. no solution packs with install and license) will run without problems.
  • Then i want to install the MessageSaver Pack 2.01 (i have this from inetra.de as a pre-release test because i have bought 50 licenses for MSP2).
  • I got never a running MSP 2.01. Sometimes the License is expired, sometime the ‘incomplete installation error’ is appearing
  • After some time i created a user who has Admin Rights in the Citrix Session on a testserver. I ran the MSP2.01 installtion. Then the product was running great. But when i logged off and on again, the problems mentoined above are back.
  • I’ve the problem in the ‘local settings’. This folder (in my technical understanding) would never be replicated in a roaming profile. So the settings for formativ or any formativ solution in this folder are lost after logout.

Maybe i’m thinking in the wrong direction. Please correct me, if something in the above text is wrong.

Thats all. If you need more information, please let me know.
Thank you