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thank you for the answer.

>Question 2: Message Saver 2 uses the path specified by “User Config” (per user, non-roaming). The setup config does not affect this path.<

I know that the MSP2 does not modify this path. This is a Formativ Path. This is the reason why i try to change the path because it is not very comfortable when the user has to configure MSP2 everytime he logs in.

>Could you describe the reasons why you wish to use roaming profiles? While we have not used Citrix in-house, our understanding is that the Citrix terminal/server relationship eliminates any need for roaming profiles.

This is not true. We have 11 Citrix servers with Load Balancing. The user logs in and Citrix trys to find the server with the lowest load at this time. The user is connected to the select server, his profile will be copied from a central location to this servers local system drive to ‘Documents and Settings’. When the user logs out the profile is copied back to the central location. When the user logs in again, the process is starting again, Citrix is calculating the load and connects the user to server whit the lowest load which can be the same server, but usually not.
With this process, the user gets allways his personally workspace with his color, icons, desktop, printers and so on. This is the reason why we use roaming profiles.

If you need more information, please ask again.
Thank you