The OpenFileDlg is the method I am currently using. The drag and drop feature was a user request which I thought would be useful.

I have made a little progress on a solution using the DynamicWrapper ActiveX control that allows me to call Windows API.

  Dim UserWrap
  Set UserWrap = CreateObject("DynamicWrapper")

  UserWrap.Register "SHELL32.DLL", "DragAcceptFiles", "i=Hl","f=s"
  UserWrap.DragAcceptFiles Dlg.Handle, True

This successfully shows a drag cursor on my Formativ form suggesting it can accept files dragged to it. However, I am still working on the code which allows me to capture the WM_DROPFILES messages from Windows to decode the actual file path using another Windows API: DragQueryFile.

I see that most controls (including the form) have a method called WindowProc, but I am unsure how to override it in VBScript. Perhaps it is not even exposed in Formativ? Is there any way I can tap into the WindowProc so that I can receive those messages?

I am using the following article as guide to my efforts: Drag and Drop from Windows Explorer

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