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Formativ Runtime only execute flexalock solution. Formativ Admin and Studio can execute flexalock and open source version. It appears that you have open source version of the solution in Formativ Runtime. This can happen, if you installed Formativ Studio prior to Formativ Runtime or a corrupt Personal Outlook Migration pack installation.

Can you un-install the Personal Outlook Migration solution (Start- Control Panel – Add or remove programs), make sure the applet (“C:Documents and SettingsPecharDokumentyAdvansysFormativAppletsPersonal Outlook Migration.vbf”) removed and finally install the Personal Outlook Migration solution from the URL above. Can you see the “Personal Outlook Migration_Express.vbf” or “Personal Outlook Migration_Flexalock.vbf” to the “C:Documents and SettingsPecharDokumentyAdvansysFormativApplets” folder?

We also will email you the flexalock version of the solution. You will need to delete the open source version and place the flexalock version into the Applets (“C:Documents and SettingsPecharDokumentyAdvansysFormativApplets”) folder.

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