Support 3

Unfortunately, we haven’t had any report about this issue.

  • Are you referring to our “Multiple Signature” (http://advansyscorp.com/formativ_sol_multiple_signatures.htm) solution?
  • Can you re-produce this behaviour in another machine?
  • Which version of the GroupWise client you are running (see Help – About GroupWise)? We always recommend to upgrade the GroupWise client to the latest point release.
  • Can you provide the steps prior to getting the error message (i.e. when you run the solution, selecting a signature, etc)?

Finally, please email your Formativ Configuration Information to support (support@advansyscorp.com). You can access this via the main GroupWise menus: Help | About Formativ. When the ‘About Box’ appears, select the ‘Configuration’ tab. Press the ‘copy to clipboard’ button, then paste the contents of the clipboard into your email.

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