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We are not sure why you are unable to change the stationery location. Please make sure you have selected the correct path and have full access rights.

Note that, if you have any sub stationery (categories) folders then you need to select the parent folder. Consider the diagram below where you have two sub-folders ‘Example’ and ‘General’. You need to select the “C:testStationery” as your stationery location.

   - C:testStationery
         |-- C:testStationeryExample
         |-- C:testStationeryGeneral

You can also update the applet and specify an override path. Open the stationery applet using notepad, find the following section and provide the path. Please note, the override path option will take precedent.


‘ This is the override path. If you specify a path for this value, the applet
‘ will use the path to save data in. Leave this constant empty to have formativ
‘ automatically determine and build the data directory for you.
const OVERRIDE_PATH = “”

Hope this helps.

Advansys Support