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Support 2

You should be able to register the software in a couple of ways:

1) entering the registration key via the GroupWise Help|About Formativ dialog;

2) with the installation file according to the instructions in the distribution kit help file (Formativ Distribution Kit.chm). For example, you can use the /ro-[Registration Code] Register Only Mode:

The /ro switch is used to register Formativ. It does not install any file, so Formativ must have already been installed on the PC in order to use this parameter. You must provide the registration code exactly as supplied by Advansys, or your reseller, for the registration to be successful.

So you would use:

formativruntime.exe /ro-[regcode], where [regcode] should be replaced by the registration code we provided to you.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any further problems.


Advansys Support

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