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The PDF’s have vanished from the email, but the size remains the same.

How you checked the size of the message? Please open the message, select the “Properties” tab and view the “Files” section. The “Files” section shows the size of the message and available attachments size. The removed PDF file should not be exists in that list.

Please note, if the message contains any Mime.822 file then the Mime.822 file will contain all attachments as encoded. To remove the Mime.822 file, you need to select the “Delete Mime.822 attachments” option from the main dialog.


My mailbox size prior to the delete was 85%, should have dropped considerably, still reading 85% though. The attachments are still in there somewhere.

The Delete Attachments From Selected Messages solution, delete the original message then re-create a new message (preserve the message details) without the attachments. The attachments should not exists in the GroupWise Database once removed from the message. You may need to run the GroupWise maintenance on that account to reclaim the free space.

Hope this helps.

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