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Thank you for your reply. I have done the following steps.

  • all configs removed
  • trusted app new created. I hadn’t provided an ip/port setting for the trusted app before and now. The trusted app has been created.
  • checked in ConsoleOne for the trusted app.It has been created. But i’m not shure how to ckeck the replication status. In our GW-System it should not take a long time, because we have all resources (DO/PO/Gateways) in one local location.
  • PO configured with IP/Port
  • MasterMailbox selected (ECDMAster1)
  • Tried to Synchronize. The ErrorMessage is: ‘The mastermailbox could not be accessed. This is normaly due to the Trusted Application not yet being synchronized throughout the GroupWise system, or incorrectly configured Post Office access settings. Please…..’

Thats all at the moment. Please let me know if you need more detailed information about our config.
Thank you.
Andre Lohrer