Thanks for your answer,

    Notes about your
    1°) It’s just i don’t want because i have to many applets to spend time to browse any of them for a little cosmetic modification
    Sometime nedeed (and god to make clear code), but to long

    2°) Difficult

    3°) I work like this in some of my applet. According you say ‘not trivial’

    Why don’t used a mecanism like you use in “launch a programm”
    In it applet A in Formaiv launch an programm by the shell and wait for the end of it.

    I used this scenario to launche VB prog and put in standby formativ
    The user work with the VB applet.
    When he quit the applet, the vb applet write on disk some information
    and the formativ continue.

    Sure we have just one step but it’s better than null and we could developpe library of applets.

    L.P. Irovetz
    Arcane GroupWare