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Support 1

Thanks for reporting this problem.

I have edited your post only to change the format, because some lines were very long.

It looks like you have used GWCheck on the user’s machine to obtain the mailbox stats. If you have not done a thorough GWCheck (Fix Structure and Contents), please try that.

It looks like you have a Formativ applet that executes on start-up, and fails while attempting to access a folder in the GroupWise mailbox. Either there is no matching folder or the mailbox is corrupt. Perhaps GWCheck will fix this. You may need to determine which applet is involved – your Formativ configuration shows that 6 applets are in the eDirectory cache. This may help to find out which folder is not found.

Finally, we recommend using the latest point release of any GroupWise version. For GroupWise 7 the latest patch is 7.0.4; for more information see Novell Patch Finder.

I hope this helps and please let me know how you go.

Advansys Support