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    Thank you for your enquiry.

    We are not aware of any specific problems with Message Saver Pack and Citrix MetaFrames.

    The cross-hatched icon corresponds to the GroupWise attachment icon that indicates an attachment is unavailable. It’s usually visible when using GroupWise in caching mode: the Mime.822 attachment is displayed with this icon, because this attachment’s content is not retrieved from the server.

    With Message Saver it is possible to exclude selected attachments from the saved message. This is a configuration option, Ask which attachments should be saved. Though you may choose to do this, Message Viewer always displays icons in the attachment list (for a message with attachments), even if an attachment’s content is unavailable. Is it possible that this option was selected for the configuration on the relevant system?

    I look forward to resolving this issue very soon.

    Advansys Support