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    We have test the “Publish Message List” solution with GroupWise 6.5.6 (01/02/2006), it publish one or more messages to MS Word 2003 (11.5604.5606). We think the problem could be environmental.

    Could you please send us your Formativ Configuration. You can obtain the configuration by selecting Help | About Formativ… from the GroupWise main menu. When the About Formativ dialog appears, go to the Configuration tab and click the button Copy to clipboard. Paste the text into your email (or save it to a plain-text file and include it as an attachment) and send to “support@advansyscorp.com”.

    Could you also let us know:

    • The version of Microsoft Word (Start MS Word – Help – About Microsoft Office Word) you are using.
    • The type of messages you selected when you execute the solution (i.e. mail messages, notes, task, etc) and GroupWise Folder (i.e mailbox, calendar, search folder, etc).

    We look forward to hear from you.

    Advansys Support