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Hello Simon,

This is difficult question for me to answer, as I’m not entirely sure of your process. To reiterate my understanding, your application uses tokens to create a draft email message and set some properties (including some custom value in the view name). You have a Formativ applet integrated with some of the standard email events like on send etc. When these events fire, what kind of information do you send to your VB application?

Until a message is saved in the message store, you can’t use any GroupWise-supplied unique ID’s (like the MessageID property) to identify the message. The only approach that springs to mind would be to obtain the Windows handle of the newly create email message view and save it in your VB app. Your applet that fires in response to message events in GroupWise could grab the active window handle and send that along with the change information. You VB app could then match change information with the correct message via saved Windows handles.

In terms of your question about the viability of editing the view name in the way you describe, I can’t comment on the possibility of any damage being done to the message store. I would doubt it, but you would need to ask Novell for an authorative response.

I hope this helps.


Advansys Support