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      I am looking to track a new message that I have created using VB (calling Commander via DDE). For example, the email is created as …

      Dim gwoDDE As Object
      Dim sResult As String

      Set gwoDDE = CreateObject(“GroupWiseCommander”)
      If gwoDDE.Execute(“ViewOpen(276)”, sResult) Then
      gwoDDE.Execute “ItemSetText(“”X00″”;0;””ClientName@client.com””)”, sResult
      gwoDDE.Execute “ItemSetText(“”X00″”;9;””Subject””)”, sResult
      gwoDDE.Execute “ItemSetText(“”X00″”;267;””MyIdentifier””)”, sResult
      End If
      Set gwoDDE = Nothing

      As you can see, I populate a few fields including the View Name (267).

      What I want to do is be able to tell what the user did with this email. I have a Formativ applet that responds to the possible events they may do (Close, Save, Send, etc.) which in turn passes the Token and Message information back to my VB app via SendMessage API calls. That part works fine.

      My problem comes from the fact that the user might do another email whilst my email is still created but not sent or saved. I need to know that the Token I respond to in my app belongs to the message I created.

      What I want to know for sure is that it is OK to edit the View Name for my message? I am assuming that the user can’t get at that field therefore my Identifier will be safe. If I put it in the subject or the body then a user might edit it out and my app will never be able to find the message again. Would there be any long term damage to the Groupwsie message store if I use this approach?



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        Hello Simon,

        This is difficult question for me to answer, as I’m not entirely sure of your process. To reiterate my understanding, your application uses tokens to create a draft email message and set some properties (including some custom value in the view name). You have a Formativ applet integrated with some of the standard email events like on send etc. When these events fire, what kind of information do you send to your VB application?

        Until a message is saved in the message store, you can’t use any GroupWise-supplied unique ID’s (like the MessageID property) to identify the message. The only approach that springs to mind would be to obtain the Windows handle of the newly create email message view and save it in your VB app. Your applet that fires in response to message events in GroupWise could grab the active window handle and send that along with the change information. You VB app could then match change information with the correct message via saved Windows handles.

        In terms of your question about the viability of editing the view name in the way you describe, I can’t comment on the possibility of any damage being done to the message store. I would doubt it, but you would need to ask Novell for an authorative response.

        I hope this helps.


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          Your take on what I am trying to do is right.

          The information I am trying to send to VB is the token, any token parameters and the Viewname. I’ve figured out how to get all those thing to go over from Formativ.

          I did consider using Windows handles but since Groupwise and my app are running asynchronously it would be possible for the window to have been destroyed by Groupwise by the time my app tries to find it.

          Finding the sent equivalent of the ‘X00’ email is then just a case of doing a Filter from the Groupwise API with a criteria of (Viewname BEGINSWITH “MyID”). The result of that should always be one email and I can therefore extract it’s content for my database and Word doc (code already written in VB for this stage).

          It’s not as neat or solid as I would like and it does rely on the Viewname change being OK (have opened a Novell Forum entry for that as you suggested).

          I am fairly sure that with a bit more work I can firm up the process and ensure that none of my inter-app communications are lost. It is clear Fomrativ can do way more than I am asking of it as yet.

          Thanks for your help,


          Support 1a

            Thanks for the update.

            Let us know if you require any further assistance.


            Advansys Support

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