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    The Archive To Go Creator Wizard includes a page for specifying:

    • Whether to include the default native GroupWise Archive;
    • Additional native GroupWise Archives.


    • Using Creator 1.1 and below, additional native Archives can be included only if including the default native Archive.
    • Using Creator 1.2 and above, additional native Archives can be included with or without including the default native Archive.

    Each additional native Archive is specified by an Archive Path. Please note that the Path should be the top-level directory for the Archive (not one of the sub-directories).

    For example, an additional native Archive might be in a directory with sub-directories as follows:

    - ofgqiarc
    - ofhizarc
    - oflelarc

    If, for example,


    was specified then this native Archive will fail to be included.

    The correct Archive Path here would be:


    Advansys Support

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