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    Is there someone who know how to find ressource in Novell Address book ?

    I used Two types of ressource (Cars and Rooms), the only way i’d found was to browse the AD and test ObjType property. But With more than 3000 entries, it’s slow. Frown

    Thanks for help

    L.P. Irovetz
    ARCANE GroupWare

    If you know the email-address of the resource then you can use the AddressBookEntries.Find(String Condition) method to find the resource from the address book entries collection. The filter exprtession support a different set of filtering operations, see the Object API documentation for more information. I don’t think you can provide object type in this filter expression.

    Another thought, if you don’t know the email-address of the resource items then may be you have to iterate through all entries and remember the email-addresses of the resources. The sample code below use the Find() method to find a contact using the email-address…

    dim oGWBook
    dim oEntry
    dim oFindResults

    set oGWBook = groupwise.account.addressbooks.item(“Novell GroupWise Address Book”)

    iFilterSyntax = “(<E-Mail Address> MATCHES “”testresource.DOMAIN@COMPANY.com””)”

    set oFindResults = nothing
    set oFindResults = oGWBook.addressbookentries.find(iFilterSyntax)

    if oFindResults is nothing then
    exit sub
    end if

    msgbox oFindResults.count

    for each oEntry in oFindResults
    msgbox oEntry.DisplayName

    set oEntry = nothing
    set oFindResults = nothing
    set oGWBook = nothing

    Hope this helps.
    MA Cool