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Unfortunately I cannot reproduce this using your applet. The data is correctly encrypted and decrypted using 0 and the values you provided for the low and high keys.

I wonder if using the Clipboard is a factor. Here is the code I used to test the method, which uses a MsgBox to outout values. I would be interested to see if this works for you:

Sub Main(Client, GWEvent)

   dim aPlain
   dim iHighKey
   dim iLowKey

   sPlain = "this is just an example"
   iHighKey = 145
   iLowKey = 1234

   sEncrypt = utilities.DESEncryption(fEncrypt, iHighKey, iLowKey, sPlain)
   sDecrypt = utilities.DESEncryption(fDecrypt, iHighKey, iLowKey, sEncrypt)
   MsgBox("sPlain = " & sPlain & vbCrLf & "sEncrypt = " & sEncrypt & vbCrLf & "sDecrypt = " & sDecrypt & vbCrLf)

End Sub

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