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Thanks for your enquiry.

>I want to transfer the complete site with all data to the body text.

By ‘body text’, do you mean the body text of a composing message?

What do you mean by ‘the complete site’?

To clarify, the fields (ie. <INPUT> elements) in your HTML code can be acessed using the FormVariables property, as described in the Formativ Developers Guide. For example, if your HTML includes the field ‘Address’, its value would be retrieved as follows:

  dim iAddress

  iAddress = aDlg.FormVariables.ItemByName("Address")

If you want to copy this value to a message body text, use the GroupWise Token API as follows:

  ' Append the value of iAddress to the composing message ("X00") body text. 
  call GroupWise.ItemSetText("X00", 10, iAddress, 1)

Please refer to the Developers Guide and the Token API documentation. I hope this helps you.

Advansys Support