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I have posted a very simple example at:


You may need to right mouse click this link and select ‘Save As’ to save the applet. Copy it to your local applets folder and restart your GroupWise client (Restarting is very important).

On restarting, you should see a new calendar icon on the main GroupWise toolbar. Pressing this button brings up a custom appointment dialog. Start to enter your name in the recipient field, which should expand to automatically enter your ID (this is the GroupWise name completion control). Enter a subject and body text, then press send.

A custom appointment then appears in your mailbox. It should have a rose as its icon. Open it as you normally would. Instead of the standard GroupWise appointment view, the custom view will appear again.

The applet defines a custom message type: GW.MESSAGE.APPOINTMENT.CUSTOM. If you have a look at the integrations tab, you’ll see this context listed among the other supported type. Notice the applet has completely overridden the ‘OnOpen’ event. In other words, when a user open an instance of this message type, the applet runs instead of GroupWise simply opening the message. The applet then accesses the underlying GroupWise message in order to extract the subject, body, etc.

Examine the source code to get a feel for how it works. This example contains no error checking, and is very simple. You would need to expand it to offer all the features you require. Hopefully it will give you a good understanding of how to create a custom message.

Good luck!

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