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    This Formativ applet that I’m building is essentially a one-button click to add a blog entry to a person’s calendar. It’s a little more than this, but at it’s core, this is it.

    What I’m doing, is running a (small) program on the PC, that keeps track of the “last update” time. So every six minutes (although the user can specify thier own cycle duration), this program updates an .ini file on the PC.

    This last update time is used by the Formativ applet as the (proposed) appointment.enddate

    When the applet finishes, it updates the same .ini file – putting the appointment.enddate into the entry for the next cycle’s appointment.startdate

    So I want to pull .startdate and .enddate from an .ini file, present them to the user (let the user modify the entries to his or her heart’s content), post the calendar item, and then write out the last .enddate to the .ini file to be used as the next .startdate

    The program on the PC continues to run, waiting for time to pass, for the duration of the cycle. When the current cycle is over, it updates the .ini file again with the new appointment.enddate

    Thus, every time you click the button to launch the Formativ applet, you get to add a posted appointment to your calendar – that picks up where the last entry left off. Of course, there are radio buttons that let you skip the appointment text (but still update the time), or specify that this time went toward a particular something. But those are user interface pieces I want to deal with later.

    It is true that I do not need the .ini file entries to be in human readable format. It is a little nicer from a debugging stand point – but that is a minor issue.

    Does this explain the goal I am trying to reach?