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I should be able to provide some sample code. However, if the message you wish to query is not the selected message, what technique are you using to identify the message you wish to query the status of? Do you have the message ID?

Here’s some sample code, but I’m not sure if this does what you need:

dim iMsgID
  ' Returns the message ID of the active view. 
  iMsgID = GroupWise.ItemMessageIDFromView()
  ' Make sure the token didn't fail
  if (instr(1, iMsgID, "Token failed execution", 1) <> 0) or (len(iMsgID) = 0) then
    call msgbox("Unable to find a message view.  Please execute this applet from a message toolbar.")  
    exit sub
  end if      
  ' Returns an item's type. 
  if (groupwise.ItemGetType(iMsgID) = 2) then
    msgbox "Mail message view open."
  end if

If this doesn’t help, please provide a little more information.


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