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    Thanks for the reply.

    It would certainly be easier to have a Local_Machine setting but I didn’t know if Groupwise would bother to read it if I tried that! Or worse it would have negative repercussions.

    If I correctly understand your reply, I should be adding the following …

    Key:=Third Party



    Having looked at that area of the Registry I don’t see many other keys at the Client level. It goes “Client” then there is only “5.0” under it. Within “5.0” there are various Token related keys, e.g. AddToFolderListToken, AttachToken, etc.

    I was expecting it to look something like the Current_User hive to be honest. Bit worried about getting this right now.

    If you could just confirm the exact key and value settings, perhaps by posting the content of the relevant Registry export for a correctly configured machine, then I’ll duplicate it here and let you know how it goes.

    Obviously a new version of the install will be useful but I have to do various tests before I can let 2.1 out anyhow so for now I’d like to focus on getting 2.0 to be independent of the user.