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    Sorry, we haven’t had any report about this issue. We will need to gather more information to understand the issue.

    • Do you see the message on executing a specific applet? Can you execute the same applet on another machine?
    • Are you able to execute other applets?
    • If the message relate to a specific applet:
      – Are you able to execute the applet previously?
      – Is the applet under development? May be the changes made to the applet, corrupted data. Formativ create a backup of the work-in-progress applet, you can find backup copy in Formativ Applets folder, usually “c:Documents and SettingsUSER-NAMEMy DocumentsAdvansysFormativApplets” folder. Backup applet has “.vb~” file extension.
      – If you have made some changes to the applet which cause this behaviour, may be you can revert to previous state. You can open the applet in notepad then edit the source, please backup applet prior to make changes. We also strongly recommend, regularly backup applets and data to another location.

    Hope this helps.

    Advansys Support