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I have done some experimenting with .ItemSaveMessage, and it appears to work correctly in my test applet, which assumes a message is selected in the GroupWise message list:

option explicit

Sub Main(Client, GWEvent)

  dim oDlg
  dim oMsg

  set oMsg = Client.ClientState.CommandMessage
  if IsObject(oMsg) then
    set oDlg = Utilities.NewSaveFileDialog
    with oDlg
      .Title = "Save '" & oMsg.Subject & "' As"
      .Options = ofOverwritePrompt or ofHideReadOnly or ofShareAware
      .FileName = oMsg.Subject & ".gwm"
    end with

    if oDlg.Execute then
      call GroupWise.ItemSaveMessage(oMsg.MessageID, oDlg.FileName, fmtAnsitext)
    end if
  end if

  set oMsg = nothing
  set oDlg = nothing

End Sub

I have set the Integrations for this applet to add a button to the main GroupWise toolbar.

If you can replicate the incorrect behaviour with this test applet, then I think the problem is to do with your environment. In that case, please send your system configuration to us at Support@advansyscorp.com. You can obtain the information via the main GroupWise Help menu: select About Formativ. When the About box appears, select the Configuration tab, then press the ‘Copy to Clipboard’ button. Finally, paste the contents of the clipboard into your message.

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