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Thanks for your post and sorry to hear about the issue.

We have developed plenty of solutions, with and without Raize controls, which work very well and never raised AV errors. Please see below the known issues which are documented in ReadMe.txt (C:Program FilesAdvansysFormativ).


6. Known problems, issues and omissions

– A small number of component property editors in the Forms Designer are not enabled in this release.
– The Code Explorer does not dynamically update as source code is edited. You need to reselect an applet to see any changes applied in the Code Explorer.
– In some circumstances portal window navigation buttons move to the left of the portal toolbar.
– The editor Replace function does not always make selected text visible.
– Checking the state of the Focused property in some visual controls causes the current subroutine to exit without raising an exception. A workaround is to check if the control in question is the active control, i.e. ‘if .ActiveControl is btnButton then’.
– The Object Inspect scrollbar does not always appear when running on Windows XP. Dragging out the width or the height of the Object Inspector forces the scrollbar to appear.
– The editor does not remember the ‘find text at cursor’ settings.
– Double-clicking on an event in the Object Inspector generates code for a new handler, but a parameter that’s passed by reference (as documented) is not preceded by the ByRef keyword. Add the ByRef keyword manually.
– Not closing certain item editors in the Form Designer prior to saving the form may cause an access violation. You should manually close any popup form editors prior to saving a form.

Please see below some suggestions from the engineers:

– The issue could be specific to a machine. Can you re-produce the behaviour in another machine?
– Could be an issue to do with XP (or Vista) themes or ImageList. Please see the forum post about using an ImageList with GroupWise 7 and Windows XP.
– It could be relate to the structure of Form. Perhaps it has many components relationships hardwired together that it’s gone beyond some (Dream or Formativ) limit that we don’t know about.
– Please make sure to close any pop-up item editors windows prior to save the Form.

The difficulty is usually in figuring out which component(s) is responsible for the problem. Using the process of elimination, however, you can usually narrow the problem down rather quickly by making small logical changes and observing the impact on the problem. The key is to make only one change at a time and then see if the problem goes away.

Hope this helps.

Advansys Support