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Originally posted by sfritz:
I am successful in sending a single file only, I am not certain as to why I cannot send multiple files however, I first need to be able to see the file attachment I am sending in the routing mail message example.

I am not sure why you can not attach multiple files. The code below successfully adds two files as attachments…

Set oMsg = GroupWise.Account.workfolder.Messages.Add 
call oMsg.Attachments.Add("c:tempfile1.txt", egwFile,"")
call oMsg.Attachments.Add("c:tempfile2.txt", egwFile,"")


The function I defined in the Routing Mail Message Example is shown below:

Function DisplayAttach

dim oMsg

set oMsg = Client.ClientState.CommandMessage
for each attachment in oMsg.Attachments
msgbox oMsg.Attachments.FileName

The above code display the selected message’s attachments file name. Make sure you have the correct message selected in GroupWise client.


I would like to view the attachments within a routed mail message and send the files onto the next recipient, or for a newbie this is far to complex?

I think the ‘Routing Mail Message’ applet is bit complex for the newbie. I will recommend you to see the GroupWise object API, GroupWise Token API, Formativ language Guide, Formativ Developers Guide then look at the simple formativ example applets.

Hope this helps.

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