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Similar to your use of the constant fgwNormal, try fgwOutOfOffice rather than egwOutOfOffice, which is the native GroupWise constant name and which will not be recognized by the Formativ Language.

The Formativ Language is scripted and not a compiled language. As a result, Formativ does not expose the native GroupWise constants automatically within the language. Instead, we support a range of constants which have the ‘fgw’ prefix and not ‘egw’. If you find the Formativ Language does not have an equivalent fgw constant for the native egw one, you can do the following:

  • use the documented GroupWise API constant’s value directly within your applet code, such as 1 or TRUE etc, or
  • at the beginning of your applet, define a new constant name and assign it to the desired GroupWise API constant’s value and subsequently use your constant name within your applet code.

I hope this helps.


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