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We think there is a bug in the GroupWise Token ItemSaveMessage, when using file format fmtAnsiText. This is on the basis that it works correctly for the other format.

You may wish to experiment with saving to either format directly from the GroupWise client, looking to see whether message data is lost this way too.

I will notify Novell about the bug in ItemSaveMessage – if they don’t already know.

As for alternatives to finding a solution:

  • Manually post-process the WordPerfect format to plain-text. This is probably inefficient.
  • Switch to the GroupWise Object API, using, for example, the Message object to access individual properties, including the message body. Obviously this requires much more work than using ItemSaveMessage, and you will need to design a suitable file format for the message properties.
  • Combine the Token and Object APIs. Use ItemSaveInfo from the former to create a file, and use the latter to append the message body.
  • Advansys supplies a solution that I think is similar to yours – Formativ Message Saver Pack. Details of this product are here.

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