Thanks for your answer.


Originally posted by Support 3:
You have not stated what you are trying to achieve.

I just noticed, sorry for that.

What I originally wanted to achieve was to get a message in a shared folder with commandMessage, extract the message attached to this one, and then create a new msg in the same folder with the extracted msg attached.
Then I started getting strange errors with .attachments.add().


We have done some testing here, and found that _Client.Clientstate.CommandMessage_ does not work with a shared folder that is owned by someone else.

That does seem to work on my PC. (I have proxy rights for the owner of the folder)


We have notified Novell of these apparent defects in the GroupWise Object API. Unfortunately Formativ has no control over the behaviour of the GroupWise APIs. These issues are now up to Novell to resolve.

Thank you, at least now I know that it’s not some specific problem with my code.