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You can use the HTMLEditorEx control to update the font, insert image, etc. HTMLEditorEx located in the Formativ “Form Designer” – Additional tab. See our Stationery solution which uses the HTMLEditorEx control, select a Stationery and press the Edit option which will let you to update the stationery.

See below the sample code to display the Font dialog and update the Html font:

– Create a From and name it to Maindlg
– Drop the HTMLEditorEx to the Form and name it to “htmlEditor”
– Add a button and name it to btnFont.
– You need to have a html file to edit (“c:temptext.htm”).
– Add the following source to the applet.

Sub Main(Client, GWEvent)


End Sub

Sub btnFontClick(Sender)
End Sub

See below the list of some HTMLEditorEx methods:
– InsertImage
– InsertLink
– InsertHorizontalLine

Hope this helps.

Advansys Support