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    Main question still unanswered, which is
    How to properly concatenate/list the ‘Parameters=’ list of parameters so that they actually work without generating the error listed as the subject of this Thread.

    The Formativ Runtime Guide is not direcctly available to the typical installer of Formativ since they typically have the Studio or Creator installed, and if they aren’t manually deploying the Runtime, won’t typically have it installed. The references to that Runtime guide should relect this as it is not reasonable jump in context to expect everyone to make.
    Therefore the documentation refering to this guide should have a pointer to where it is and/or a link to the on-line version.
    Once I was able to find it, it still didn’t answer my questions, as it only lists the parameters as OR operations, with no provision as to how to AND them.

    All the Sample Addon.cfg I’ve been able to find are all ‘blank’ samples, but none of them are samples with dummy data showing how they are used in practice. i.e. showing mulitple parameters in use. We do need both to learn how to use the tools.