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The documentation links should not be empty. To which links are you refering?

There can be an issue with CHM files downloaded from the Internet. You may have to change the security settings to view them.

The contents of the formativ_pgm.ini file is shown below:


Local Applets=C:datalocal
User Data=C:datauser
Library Backup=C:databackup
User Cache Path=C:Program FilesAdvansysFormativMirror
Local Images Path=C:Program FilesAdvansysFormativapplet_img
Local Help Path=C:Program FilesAdvansysFormativapplet_hlp
Local Config Path=C:Program FilesAdvansysFormativapplet_cfg

NDS Administered=1
Maintain Existing Path Settings=1

It is an example file for use with ZENworks. While Advansys provided these files, we do not specialize in nor officially support ZENworks. These are provided as guides for administrators who are already familiar with such enterprise distribution products.

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