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Please see below some sample applet code that demonstrates one approach to this problem. Copy the source into a new applet in Formativ and integrate it with the Email toolbar. When you open a new email message, a new button will appear on the email view that lets you define whether the email message is official or otherwise. The applet uses a custom field which can be displayed in the GroupWise client. See the comments section at the top of the source code for more information.

I hope this helps. Please note that this is example code, and does not implement complete error checking, etc.

Please note that we do offer Formativ development services. If you are interested, please send an email to formativsales@advansyscorp.com for more information.

Advansys Support


' Message Type Selection
' Designed By : Formativ Business Solutions Team
' Date Created: 4 January 2002
' Version 1.0
' This applet is a simple demonstration of using a custom field to categorize
' existing email messages as either 'Official' or 'Unofficial'. It adds a button
' to the GroupWise email. This button displays a dialog that allows the user to
' categorize the message as either 'Official' or 'Unofficial'. As all messages
' in the account are assumed to be Official by default, data is only stored in
' the custom field if the user designates the message as unofficial.
' You can see the state of messages by adding the "ADV Official Status" custom
' field to the mail list column header in the client. Those messages that have
' not yet been categorized will have no text appear in the display. Those that
' have been designated as unofficial will have the word "Unofficial" appear.
' You can easily search for unoffical messages by using the standard GroupWise
' Find facility, using the Advanced find option.
' You may need to restart the client the very first you execute the applet in
' order to see the newly created custom field
' INTEGRATIONS: This applet has already been integrated with the email view, but
' the integration has been disabled. Enable it in the Integrations tab in
' Formativ Admin

Dim Dlg
Dim RadioCtl
Const cSelectType = 101
Const CUSTOM_FIELD = "ADV Official Status"
Const CAPTION = "Formativ Applet Examples"

' Main Line Processing
Sub Main(Client, GWEvent)

Dim Msg
Dim Cmd
Dim sIndex
Dim Fields
Dim fieldObj

' Set the default radio button to Unofficial
sIndex = 0

Set Msg = Client.ClientState.CommandMessage

' Add the custom field in GroupWise field definitions
Set Fields = Msg.Fields

On Error Resume Next
Set fieldObj = Fields.Item(CUSTOM_FIELD, fgwString)

' If the field exists then we check the value
If IsObject(fieldObj) Then
If fieldObj.Value = "Unofficial" Then
sIndex = 1
sIndex = 0
End If
End If

' Display the selection dialog
Select Case Dlg.Execute
Case Btn1 Cmd = cSelectType
End Select

' Change the status based on the type selected
If Cmd = cSelectType Then
Select Case RadioCtl.ItemIndex
Case 0 Call Fields.Add(CUSTOM_FIELD, fgwString, " ")
Case 1 Call Fields.Add(CUSTOM_FIELD, fgwString, "Unofficial")
End Select
End If


Set Msg = Nothing
Set Fields = Nothing
Set fieldObj = Nothing

End Sub

' Add the custom field in field GroupWise definitions
Sub AddField

Dim FieldObj
Dim FieldDefs

Set FieldDefs = GroupWise.Account.FieldDefinitions
On Error Resume Next
Set FieldObj = FieldDefs.Item(CUSTOM_FIELD, fgwString)

' If the custom field does not exists in the field definitions add the field.
If FieldObj Is Nothing Then
Call FieldDefs.Add(CUSTOM_FIELD, fgwString)
End If

Set FieldDefs = Nothing
Set FieldDefs = Nothing

End Sub

' Dialog to select whether the mail is Official/Unofficial
Function SetupDlg(sIndex)

Set Dlg = Utilities.NewControlBoxDialog
With Dlg
.Height = 215
.Caption = CAPTION
.Title = "Select the email type"
End With

Set RadioCtl = Dlg.AddRadioGroupControl
With RadioCtl
.Caption = "Is this Official/Unofficial mail?"
.Items.Add("Official Mail")
.Items.Add("Unofficial Mail")
.ItemIndex = sIndex
.Height = 70
.Columns = 2
.Hint = "Select message type"
End With

End Function