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    Hi Support 1 & 3

    I have tried both solutions (HTMLencode and DosPathToUnixPath). They both cause the same problem. Thae path gets truncated. This is the HTML generated code:

    <A href=”file:///C:/Program” FilesGroupWiseGrpWise.exe>C:Program FilesGroupWiseGrpWise.exe</A>

    <A href=”file:///C:/Program” GrpWise.exe GroupWise Files>C:/Program Files/GroupWise/GrpWise.exe</A>

    Obviously the ” gets put in at the wrong place. This happens with GW6.5 and 7.0.
    Funny enough I can later correct the path with the ‘insert link’ button and the space problem is gone. Not really a work around…. 🙁

    I have resorted converting the filename to a 8.3 filename. This works.

    Thanks for your help!