Hi again!

Thanks for the example applet, now sending appointments works fine. There are only two problems:
1) (minor) The appointment only shows up in the recipient’s calendar, but not in the sender’s. This is actually intended behaviour (for us), but we don’t know, why it doesn’t show up in the senders calendar.

2) (major) We try to show all appointments for a specific day in a list with the following code:

GroupWise.Account.Calendar.FindMessages("(START_DATE = " & year(FilterDate) & "/" & month(FilterDate) & "/" & day(FilterDate) & " )")

This code finds only appointments sent from the current account, but not the received ones from someone else. However, we search in the right place – listing all appointments lists really ALL appointments, sent and received ones.
Iterating through all appointments, and checking the date manually works too, but will be too slow with large calendars.

Is there a possibility to filter by date?