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Thank you for your query.

The technique required to create email in a proxy account is similar to that from your previous post on EmailAddress from ProxyAccount.

Here is an example:

' This example assumes the GroupWise client has been proxied to another account.
Sub Main(Client, GWEvent)

  dim oAccount
  dim oDraft
  dim oSent

  set oAccount = Client.ClientState.CurrentAccount
  set oDraft = oAccount.WorkFolder.Messages.Add("GW.MESSAGE.MAIL", fgwDraft)

  call oDraft.Recipients.Add(oAccount.Owner.EmailAddress, "NGW", fgwTo)
  oDraft.Subject.PlainText = "This was created using Formativ"
  oDraft.BodyText.PlainText = "This is the body text of the email message"
  set oSent = oDraft.send

  set oSent = nothing
  set oDraft = nothing
  set oAccount = nothing

End Sub

I hope this helps.

Advansys Support