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You can use Portal.HTML property to get the HTML source for each Portal. Setting the HTML property will render the page within the Portal. See Formativ Language Guide (Portal object) for more information.

If you use Portal.URL to set Portal contents then you can use example code below to extract Portal HTML, update contents and reset.

   Set oPortals = GroupWise.PortalManager.Portals
   Set oPortal1= oPortals.Item("PORTAL1")

  If not (oPortal1 is nothing) then
   iHtml = oPortal1.html
   iHtml = replace(iHtml, "about:blank", "NewText", vbTextCompare)
   oPortal1.html = iHtml
  end if

  set oPortals = nothing
  set oPortal1 = nothing

Alternatively, if you use Portal.HTML to set page contents at the beginning then you should update it prior to set.

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