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–I am having problems with loading a background image on my stationery. You don’t see it on the stationery when you create a new email within Groupwise. I have found some documentation regarding that it may need to be done by a URL image — I don’t quite understand this. How do I get it placed on the web?

The problem is that we cannot programmatically attach a background image to the message. This means a background image referenced in the stationery needs to be placed on a Web site to which you have access and the public can access as well. If you don’t have access to your own Web site, as an example you could probably upload it to a Flickr account, or one which enables a permanent and public URL to the image that you use in your stationery.


–Also, is there a way to lock the stationery so that it cannot be edited by everyone which uses it?

You could make the stationery file read-only but you cannot prevent users editing the contents of a draft GroupWise message.


–I am using the [Type Here] function on several fields within a stationery. Can you control the tabbing order?



— I have one area which I have [Type Here] and it does not show up when you are in Groupwise, the others do?

That sounds like either a HTML or a GroupWise specific issue. Are you able to send the Stationery (as an attachment) to support@advansyscorp.com for review, along with a detailed description of where the problem lies?

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