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    Sorry for the delay.


    Groupwise.ItemGetText function always truncates the list at roughly 104-109 names

    Looks a bug in Token API ItemGetText function. You may need to post a bug report in Novell: http://forums.novell.com/novell/product-neutral/developers/

    Another workaround could be use the Object API. In order to access the Object API you will need to save the message, so steps are:

    – Save the message to Work-In-Progress folder. You can call the Groupwise.ItemSaveMessageDraft() to save the message so user don’t get prompt to choose folder.
    – Access the saved message and Recipients collection.
    – Iterate each Recipient object. Object API Recipient object will provide you more information, for example: EmailAddress, EmailType, etc.
    – You can access Recipient.Address object which will provide you ObjType (egwUser, egwResource, etc).

    The forum post below has example source code to save message in Work folder:


    Hope this helps.


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