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    Thank you, I finally did get that to work using the Object API.

    It was a bit of a challenge in a bilingual work environment as the folder path to send to the Groupwise.ItemSaveMessageDraft function must be in the user’s language, however the Groupwise.Account.WorkFolder.Name function only returns the English value.

    So it seems I may have to resort to hard-coding the strings for our French users, which may cause some errors down the road.

    After much trial and error, I found that in the version of Groupwise that we have (GW7), the workfolder path needs to be:

    folderPath = Groupwise.Account.Owner.DisplayName & ” – HomeWork in Progress”

    folderPath = Groupwise.Account.Owner.DisplayName & ” – AccueilTravail en cours”

    This doesn’t seem to be documented anywhere, so maybe this will save someone else a headache or two…

    Thanks for your help.