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We have tested the GroupWise Add On Directory installation. We can install and register the Formativ Runtime with GroupWise 7.0.1 installer. Please see below the steps we followed:

  • GroupWise installer we used: gw701ce-ir1 (build date 20/12/2006).
  • Create a subdirectory “formativ” under the ADDONS directory (i.e. gw701ce-ir1CLIENTwin32addonsformativ)
  • Place the “formativruntime.exe” into the subdirectory (i.e. gw701ce-ir1CLIENTwin32addonsformativformativruntime.exe).
  • Save the sample ADDON.cfg (http://www.advansyscorp.com/formativ/addon.cfg) file into the subdirectory (i.e. gw701ce-ir1CLIENTwin32addonsformativADDON.cfg).
  • Open the ADDON.cfg file and edit the following switch. Please note a space required between /s and /r parameters.
    Parameters=/s /r-xxx51FRxx-29xx6Dxx
  • Save the ADDON.cfg file.
  • Start the setup.exe from “gw701ce-ir1CLIENTwin32” folder.

Hope this helps and Look forward to hear from you.

Advansys Support