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I would still like an answer on this. I have delayed releasing 2.1 because of it and that may well be causing some other issues I am seeing (I have just posted under the ‘Creating Solutions’ forum with an issue relating to an Access Violation).

One thing I have discovered with our version 2.0 installation is that some users are not getting a certain key under the Groupwise client. This seems to prevent Formativ from ‘seeing’ Groupwise events.

Re-installing Formativ fixes the problem for that user but not all (even though we have set the flag as described above).

The key I am now adding to a user’s registry is …

HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareNOVELLGroupwiseClientThird Party

The value called “DLL1” is set to “C:PROGRA~1AdvansysFormativTokenBlocker.dll”

This causes the applets to be able to interact with Groupwise for that user as far as I can tell.

Since the key is in the CURRENT_USER hive it has to be done at start-up as respond to who logs in. I’d prefer to not have to do this if I can.

I also need to know that this approach is an OK thing to do at all

Can you explain how the “All Users” part of the installation is meant to work. As far as I know there is no “All Users” part of the Registry and you can’t access each user’s CURRENT_USER hive whilst they are not logged in?

There is a “Default user” which I assume is used to build any new user profiles but I need the installation of 2.1 (or 2.0) to work for any existing profiles.

I am now wondering if 2.0 did the ‘All users’ installation properly. It got tested but possibly it didn’t do any existing profiles and we just happened to use ‘fresh’ logins with our test?