First of all thank you for responding to my query. I am sorry it has taken me so long to reply to your coding suggestions. In the routing message dialog as you suggested I am using the attachment collection.


    Using TOpenFileDialog I obtain the filename
    Set NewMsg = GroupWise.Account.MailBox.Messages.Add
    call NewMsg.Attachments.Add(WSFORM.Attachments.FileName, egwFile,””)

    I am successful in sending a single file only, I am not certain as to why I cannot send multiple files however, I first need to be able to see the file attachment I am sending in the routing mail message example.

    The function I defined in the Routing Mail Message Example is shown below:

    Function DisplayAttach

    dim oMsg

    set oMsg = Client.ClientState.CommandMessage
    for each attachment in oMsg.Attachments
    msgbox oMsg.Attachments.FileName

    set oMsg = nothing

    End Function

    I have tried defining a button in the routing mail message intro dialog and associating it to the function but with no success. I have tried just calling the function with no success. The first step is to get the message box to appear with the file name but ultimately I would like to view the attachments within a routed mail message and send the files onto the next recipient, or for a newbie this is far to complex? I have read the suggested readings for Object API and it is very obvious that I have missed something BIG!

    Hopefully this makes sense and I appreciate your help and time on this matter.